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المُعلن : عبدالله ( السعودية , ALQASSIM )
رقم العضو : 13
تقييمات العضو : 0
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جهاز التوجيه العالي الجودة توم توم ستارت 25 يشتمل على جميع دول أوروبا مع التحديث المجاني الدائم
[*]Advanced Lane Guidance
[*]13 cm (5") touch screen
[*]Europe maps
[*]Integrated mounting
Start 25 M Europe characteristics
[*]FREE Lifetime MapsAlways drive with the latest map. Get to your destination faster with FREE Lifetime Maps. For the life of your product, you can download 4 or more full updates of the map on your device every year. You receive all updates to the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.
[*]Integrated mountingA convenient foldaway mount that’s integrated with your device, so it’s always there when you need it. It attaches easily to your windscreen. And using the optional mounting disk, you can turn it upside down and position it on your dashboard too, where the screen automatically flips to the right way up.
[*]Parking AssistFind nearby parking with the aid of your TomTom device. Since Parking Assist is available throughout your journey, you can choose to navigate directly to the nearest car park when planning your route, or find parking en route – either near your destination or close to your current location.
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[*]TomTom Speed CamerasYour device has speed camera locations, including reports from other users. It also warns you of other alerts, such as fixed speed cameras and average speed checks for the road ahead. It saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and relaxed.
[*]Frequent destinationsYou can choose icons for your most frequent destinations and add your own text. This makes your navigation experience truly your own with even easier and quicker navigation to the places you go most often.
[*]3 layer mapsGetting you there faster with more than just a basic map, it's 3 layers of navigation technology: starting with the most up-to-date map, plus TomTom IQ Routes to give you the quickest routes and most accurate arrival times. The 3rd layer, TomTom Map Share, helps you avoid detours and get to your destination even faster.
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Characteristics for all TomTom car navigation
[*]FREE Daily Map ChangesFREE Daily Map Changes from the Map Share community. Includes dynamic changes like new speed limits and blocked roads. Some things change overnight and can delay your journey. Map Share helps you deal with the more frequent road changes. Avoid detours and get to your destination even faster.
[*]IQ RoutesThe world's biggest database of real travel times is built into every TomTom device. Which means you'll get the fastest routes and most accurate arrival times. It's genius!
[*]Latest Map GuaranteeIf a new map for your device is available within 90 days of first use, you can download that map once for free via
[*]Advanced Lane GuidanceClearly shows which lane to take at junctions so you don't miss your turning. On the most difficult highway intersections, realistic 3D representation of the junction keeps you relaxed and safe.
[*]QuickGPSfixQuickGPSfix speeds up the time it takes to fix your GPS position to help you drive off more quickly.
[*]Rich mapsYou are ready to go with the rich maps. IQ Routes gives you arrival times you can rely on. And with a wealth of Points of Interest, such as phone numbers and opening times, you have even more information at your fingertips.
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[*]Points of InterestYour pre-installed map has Points of Interest from petrol stations to hotels, so you are sure to find what you want.
[*]Speeding alertAlerts you when you’re speeding, even if you're not in navigation mode.
[*]Help Me! emergency menuYou can find help with local emergency service information at your fingertips. From hospitals to roadside assistance, this information will be useful in any area.
[*]Safety preferencesRecommends driving breaks; warns when approaching places of worship or schools; unpaved road warnings; reminds you not to leave device in car; hides map view above a selected speed; reminds you which side of road to drive when abroad.
[*]Fast route planningNo more waiting around - your route is calculated in a matter of seconds, so you get on your way much faster than ever before.
[*]Eco RoutesDriving with these fuel-efficient routes saves you money as well as reducing your impact on the environment

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